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A New Home for Stewart Public Library

Updated 2017/10/25

The relocation of the Stewart Public Library to a downtown, storefront location in September has already contributed to major change for both the library and the town.

Because the library formerly shared space with the public school, it was constrained by school open hours. “The new space allows the library to be open at night and on weekends,” explains board chair Sylvia Alderton, “and we are quite excited about that.” The library’s location in the historic Zeffert building also offers easier access for residents, and more visibility to tourists. One idea the board is considering is creating a coffee area during the winter months when restaurants in town are closed, making the library an even more social spot to visit.

“The new space is charming and cozy and we love it,” says Sylvia.

new library 2         IMG_3861          IMG_3869          IMG_3868

IMG_3865             IMG_3864             IMG_3863             IMG_3866

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