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Hazelton seeks an Interim Chief Librarian

Updated 2018/06/08

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Hazelton District Public Library (HDPL) is looking for an Interim Chief Librarian for coverage of a one-year maternity leave beginning May 2018. Further details about this opportunity can be found here: Interim Chief Librarian – Job Posting. Please note, the March 30th application deadline is coming up quickly!

To give prospective applicants a little taste of this community, HDPL recently hosted a Pi(e) Day Celebration on March 14th (a clever play on Pi = 3.14). The library solicited home baked pies from some loyal patrons and accomplished bakers around town. The library staff and a few board members also brought in pies, which resulted in a total of 26 pies that were either sold by the slice, or auctioned off by silent auction over the course of the day. According to Chief Librarian, Tara Williston, “there was a fun vibe all day long with people hanging out and chatting over pie, coffee and tea. It brought a lot of people into the library, which was really nice.” The fundraiser celebration made over $400 or the HDPL.

If you are thinking about applying for the position outlined above, the community will welcome you with open arms and some mighty delicious pie.

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